Airtable URL Shortener

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Easily shorten and manage links right inside Airtable

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  • Shorten links fast: Make long URLs short with just one click
  • Simple copying: Many ways to copy links quickly for sharing
  • Set link expiry: Decide when links stop working, perfect for timed events or sale
  • See link details: Track how many times each link is clicked and see all your shortened links easily
  • Analyze link clicks: Understand where your clicks are coming from and how well your links are doing
  • Customize your links: Choose your own short link or let the system generate one for you
  • QR codes: Create QR codes for your links to share easily

Why use it?

  • Save time: Spend less time on links and more on important tasks
  • Better control: Keep track of your links and see how well they are doing
  • Built for Airtable: Easy to use

Looking for a tool that fits right into Airtable for easy link shortening? The Airtable URL Shortener is designed just for that, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Give it a try and see how it enhances your projects.

Paid version

  • 250 short URLs per month, but for the time being - unlimited!
  • Advanced features (let me know what you need and I'll build it -
  • Subscription key is sharable with your team members

Free version

  • The free version has 100 short URLs for you to use
or free limited use :)
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