How To Shorten URLs on Airtable

June 19, 2024

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What You Need

  • Access: An Airtable base with edit permissions.
  • Extension Capability: Ability to install extensions on your Airtable base.
  • Quick Start: Install this app to begin.

Preparing Your Base

  • Access Your Base: Open your existing Airtable base or skip this if you already have one ready.
  • Duplicate Base: If needed, make a personal copy for full rights:
    • Navigate to the base name, click on it, select Duplicate base from the menu. Duplicate base
    • Ensure you also duplicate the records. Duplicate records

Install the Extension

  1. Open the Extensions menu from the top right corner. Show extensions
  2. Click Add Extensions and search for “URL Shortener”. Extensions drawer Marketplace search

Authenticate with Airtable

  • Permission Grant: Immediately after installation, authenticate to allow the app to write to your table.
    • Click on Authenticate with Airtable. Authenticate
    • Choose the bases to grant access and confirm. Authenticate 2 Authenticate 3

Using the Extension

  1. Configuration: Post-installation, close the full-screen mode of the app to dock it on the side. Full screen app Start screen
  2. Shorten URLs:
    • Select the URLs you want to shorten. Select URLs
    • Specify the output column for the shortened URLs. Target URLs
    • Click on Shorten URLs button. Result

Final Steps

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